Training Day Option 5

Introduction to the Variable Message Format over Combat Net Radio Tactical Data Link

Delivered by Aeronix

Trainers: Tony Bils, Michael Dick and Brad Austin.

The course is aimed at those new to VMF to provide a working vocabulary of this protocol assuming no prior experience. The course will include such topics as introductions to VMF Tactical Data Link, MIL-STD-6017, MIL-STD-2045-47001 and MILSTD-188-220 as well as the Fundamentals of Terminal Phase Close Air Support and Troubleshooting VMF Communications.

Topic #1: Introduction to VMF Tactical Data Link

  • Protocol Stack Model Summary
  • OSI 7‐Layer Communication Model
  • Applications, Modems, and Radios
  • Characteristics of a Typical VMF over CNR Network

Topic #2: Introduction to MIL‐STD‐6017

  • MIL‐STD evolution
  • VMF Message Structure
  • VMF Message Data Elements Synopsis
  • Overview of VMF Message Parsing

Topic #3: Introduction to MIL‐STD‐2045‐47001

  • MIL‐STD evolution
  • Study of Header Fields
  • Segmentation/Reassembly Transport Layer

Topic #4: Fundamentals of Terminal Phase Close Air Support

  • Introduction to Terminal Phase CAS
  • Joint Publication 3‐09.3
  • Basic DACAS Message Exchange
  • Coordinated Implementation

Topic #5: Introduction to MIL‐STD‐188‐220

  • MIL‐STD evolution
  • IPv4 / UDP COTS Layers
  • Intranet Layer
  • Data Link Layer
  • Physical Layer
  • Understanding the MIL‐STD‐188‐220 Timing Model
  • XNPv2

Topic #6: Troubleshooting VMF Communications

  • Troubleshooting Road Map
  • Resolving Primary Transmission Communications
  • Resolving Modem Acknowledgments

Interview with Aeronix

  1. In one sentence, summarise what your course will bring to the IDLS2019 delegates
  2. The training provides a comprehensive overview of the technology and issues of the VMF tactical data link.

  3. What skills will attendees develop in your course/Masterclass?
  4. Attendees will develop a deeper vocabulary for understanding and representing the VMF tactical data link.

  5. Is there any specific knowledge or experience that you feel attendees to your course would need prior to attending?

  6. Attendees need not bring any prior knowledge to the course.

  7. What is one key mistake that you see people making, that your course will help them prevent in the future?
  8. Building VMF systems without understanding how interoperability is achieved never yields a good experience.

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