Training Day Option 5

Introduction to the Variable Message Format over Combat Net Radio Tactical Data Link

Delivered by Aeronix

Trainers: Tony Bils, Michael Dick and Brad Austin.

The course is aimed at those new to VMF to provide a working vocabulary of this protocol assuming no prior experience. The course will include such topics as introductions to VMF Tactical Data Link, MIL-STD-6017, MIL-STD-2045-47001 and MILSTD-188-220 as well as the Fundamentals of Terminal Phase Close Air Support and Troubleshooting VMF Communications.

Topic #1: Introduction to VMF Tactical Data Link

  • Protocol Stack Model Summary
  • OSI 7‐Layer Communication Model
  • Applications, Modems, and Radios
  • Characteristics of a Typical VMF over CNR Network

Topic #2: Introduction to MIL‐STD‐6017

  • MIL‐STD evolution
  • VMF Message Structure
  • VMF Message Data Elements Synopsis
  • Overview of VMF Message Parsing

Topic #3: Introduction to MIL‐STD‐2045‐47001

  • MIL‐STD evolution
  • Study of Header Fields
  • Segmentation/Reassembly Transport Layer

Topic #4: Fundamentals of Terminal Phase Close Air Support

  • Introduction to Terminal Phase CAS
  • Joint Publication 3‐09.3
  • Basic DACAS Message Exchange
  • Coordinated Implementation

Topic #5: Introduction to MIL‐STD‐188‐220

  • MIL‐STD evolution
  • IPv4 / UDP COTS Layers
  • Intranet Layer
  • Data Link Layer
  • Physical Layer
  • Understanding the MIL‐STD‐188‐220 Timing Model
  • XNPv2

Topic #6: Troubleshooting VMF Communications

  • Troubleshooting Road Map
  • Resolving Primary Transmission Communications
  • Resolving Modem Acknowledgments

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