Training Day Option 4

Exploring and Understanding Link 16 Modernisation

Delivered by 3SDL

Trainer: TBC

This training is aimed at those already using Link 16 and thinking about the impact of modernisation at terminal, platform and system level. It will explore the challenges and opportunities faced by organisations that need to bring together datalink user, designers and acquisition staff to manage the business and operational change programme required by link 16 Modernisation. The training would help participants to identify, understand and address the critical modernisation issues and requirements affecting Link 16 capabilities in the data-driven operational context.

Content will be tailored around a framework of three sections:

Link 16 Modernisation, uncovering the true cost

There is much talk in the community about the cost of a new MIDS JTRS or BU2 terminal but few think about the true cost of ownership of the system of systems. We discuss the impact and resource bill of interoperability, integration and implementation at the platform, system and capability level and explore options for cost reduction.

Understanding and Mitigating the vulnerabilities of the Link 16 network

Modern tactical communications are often considered to exist behind a 'ring of steel'. Following on from previous 3SDL presentations about the cyber vulnerabilities of TDLs, we explore how safe our future networks really are – both in the connected battlespace and through supply chains.

TDL testing, time for a new approach with Link 16?

Buying a test tool, training staff to use it and writing a set of testing scenarios consumes time and funding. Despite this, nearly every project persists with a bespoke approach on both the client and supplier sides. Using collaborative working methodologies, ‘pooling and sharing’ approaches and industry/government integrated teaming can save time, mitigate delivery and operational risk and improve outcomes.

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