Training Day Option 3

Emulating a Link 16 Network for testing and training

Delivered by TCG

Trainer: Brian Bass

The rapid proliferation of Link 16 across platforms, services and nations has produced a growing need for reliable testing and integration tools to guarantee platforms function as designed and within specifications. This session will explain and demonstrate low-cost network and Link 16 terminal emulation techniques that allow full platform implementation testing before expensive live-fly testing begins. This offers the most effective method to identify and fix implementation issues at the earliest possible moment.

The emulation and simulation tools available also provide an effective tactical data link training capability for operational units. The second portion of the session will explain and demonstrate the use of these tools in developing scripted and dynamic scenarios for warfighter training. This emulation can be used in an entirely virtual environment and in a “sim over live” environment.

This training will be open to all attendees of IDLS.

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