Training Day Option 2

Introduction to iSMART Process and eSMART Toolset

Delivered by Leidos

Trainers: TBC

The course will provide an overview of the iSMART toolset process, encompassing the criticality and benefits of employing the methodology and also provide an overview of the eSMART toolset capabilities to aid in the planning of a MultiTDL architecture from determining the IER capability and providing a measure of interoperability through the life of an implementation. The course will benefit new Nations still developing a TDL capability and companies involved the development of TDL System of Systems solutions.

The course will include:

  • An overview and importance of the iSMART process
  • The importance and advantages of establishing accurate IERs
  • How eSMART supports the iSMART process
  • Examples of how eSMART has saved the TDL community time, effort and money and reduced noninteroperability across all TDLs
  • Basic insight and capability of the eSMART toolset
  • Future considerations – Multi-TDL Environments and Data Forwarding

A certificate will be provided to all attendees to state that they have received an introduction to the eSMART toolset on completion of the training day.

Interview with Leidos

  1. In one sentence, summarise what your course will bring to the IDLS2019 delegates
  2. An understanding of the importance of defining accurate requirements and the benefits of employing a recognised process and supporting toolset.

  3. What skills will attendees develop in your course/Masterclass?
  4. Requirements management for TDLs and an understanding of the eSMART toolset to support the iSMART process.

  5. Is there any specific knowledge or experience that you feel attendees to your course would need prior to attending?

  6. A basic understanding of an engineering process e.g. The V Model, Waterfall model, Agile process and a generic understanding of the TDL requirement.

  7. What is one key mistake that you see people making, that your course will help them prevent in the future?
  8. Not understanding or defining the requirements prior to design and implementation. Following a defined process, utilising a specialised toolset will reduce effort and cost.

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