Training Day Option 1

MIDS Baseline Upgrade-2, JTRS CMN-4, New Link 16 Terminals, and Network Enabled Weapons

Delivered by NCS

Trainer: Patrick Pierson

Link 16 is going through its most significant changes in its history. The evolution of messages and terminals has been slow and steady over the past 30+ years, but the current pace of change has increased to a full-on sprint. The delivery of MIDS Baseline Upgrade-2, MIDS JTRS CMN-4, multiple Network Enabled Weapon programs, as well as Link 16 terminals of unique shapes, sizes, and capabilities ensures the security and viability of Link 16 for the next few decades while changing the shape of the future battlefield. This one-day training course will provide insight into these new capabilities and how they will affect operations in the future.

The following topics will be covered on the training course:

  • MIDS Baseline Upgrade-2

    • MIDS Baseline Upgrade-2 Introduction
    • Link 16 Enhanced Throughput (LET) Explained
    • Link Crypto Modernization
    • Frequency Remapping

  • MIDS JTRS Capability Description

    • Introduction to MIDS JTRS
    • Concurrent Multi-Netting
    • Concurrent Contention Receive
    • CMN-4 Network Configuration Options

  • Network Enabled Weapons

    • Introduction to Link 16 Network Enabled Weapons
    • Current Network Enabled Weapons and Platforms
    • J11.0 Weapon Response / Status Messages
    • J11.1 Weapon Directive Messages
    • J11.2 Weapon Coordination Message

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