Masterclass 1

Multi TDL Masterclass

Delivered by Atheniem

Trainers: Mark Johnson, Kai Thurner and Huw Davies

This 3-day master class will provide a detailed insight into the challenges of Multi TDL evolution, exploring the employment, use and development paths for the current primary TDLs1 adopted by NATO and partner nations we will focus on operational architectures for Multi TDL Networks, overviewing data forwarding rules and protocols, managing effective interoperability across a growing order of battle and area of operations.

The objectives that will be covered on the Masterclass will be as follows:

  • The operational use of each TDL

    • Link 11
    • MIDS Link 16
    • JREAP
    • Link 22

  • Architectures of Multi TDL Networks

    • Principals of forwarding architecture
    • Concept of Concurrent Interface Units (Link 11, 16 (Inc JREAP) and 22)
    • Selection and Management of Forwarded information?
    • Challenges and limitations in connecting different protocols

  • Multi TDL Standards

    • Overview of Standards (ATDLP 6.16, 7.33 etc)
    • Data Forwarding Rules and Protocols
    • Managing Weaknesses/Challenges

  • Managing Effective Interoperability

    • Through Life TDL Acquisition Best Practice
    • IO Test and Evaluation
    • Managing System of System Issues

  • Multi TDL concept of operations, employment and use

    • Operational planning considerations
    • Development of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to meet the emerging use

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