Demo Overview

IDLS 2019 Demonstration Planning is well underway. Military personnel and Industry partners are teaming up this year to demonstrate how we Train as we Fight. As with every operation, the Joint Interface Control Officer (JICO) needs versatile Network Planning tools to plan operations efficiently and effectively, whilst also having the capability of oversight of the effectiveness of the ongoing Operations. Industry partners will be showcasing their OPTASK Link generation and Pulse De-confliction capabilities and how they make the JICOs able to more effectively accomplish their mission.

One of the most complex combat scenarios is providing Close Air Support (CAS) to ground personnel. This year we have the unique opportunity to have military members from allied nations bringing their own equipment to partner with industry in a fully integrated multi-link scenario. Utilising Link 16, Link 22, VMF, CoT in a Digitally Aided Close Air Support (DACAS) environment we will demonstrate the key relationship between the military Services and Industry in drastically shortening the kill chain and preventing fratricide.

In today's Theatre Operational Environment, Ballistic Missile Defence (BMD) is a major component of all operations. Full Situational Awareness and Engagement Authority are key components to this mission thread. Utilising a well-established Link 22 and Link 16 Theatre level network, this year's IDLS Demonstration will show how detected missile launches can seamlessly pass through the Multi-TDL network giving all military domains the information required to detect, track, identify and engage.

If your organisation wants to be involved, please register using your IDLSoc account details on the demo system login page.

Gold Packages

Viasat - Gold Exhibitor

Silver+ Packages

SAIC - Silver Tactical Communications Group - Silver Plus

Silver Packages

Ultra Electronics - Silver Data Links Solutions Logo - Silver General Dynamics/Hensoldt General Dynamics/Hensoldt Thales- Silver